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Basilica of BomJesus(1594-1605), Old Goa
Basilica of Bom Jesus has a main altar, four side alters, two chapels, a sacristy and a choir. The richly carved main altar is dedicated to infant Jesus. Its facade is decorated with Ionic, Tuscan, Corinthian and composite pilasters show the application of classical orders. The added attraction of the church is the Chapel containing the relic of the body of St. Francis Xavier.

Se Cathedral(1562-1652),Old Goa
Se'Cathedralis the largest church among the group. The church has besides the main alter eight chapels alongside the aisles and six alters in the transept. There is a long nave, two aisles and a transept. Architecturally the building is in Portuguese Gothic style; the exterior of the building is Tuscan and the interior Corinthian. The main alter is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. The richly gilded panel shows the martyrdom of the saint

Church of St. Cajetan, Old Goa:
Church of St. Cajetan is modeled on the original design of St. Peter's Church at Rome. The main body of the Church is Greek cross on plan. The church is architecturally Corinthian both externally and internally while the gilded altar is richly carved in Baroque style.

Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Old Goa
St. Francis of Assisi has a nave with three chapelson either sides, a choir, two altars in the transepts and a main altar. The convent, which forms the annexure to the church, now houses the archaeological museum. The architecture shows the perfect mixture of Manuline, Tuscan and Baroque styles. The arch of the choir is highly decorated with Frescos showing floral decoration and either side of the main altar, beautiful large paintings on wood depict the life of the saint.

Chapel of St. Catherine, Old Goa
The Chapel of St. Catherine was first built in 1510 immediately after the conquest of Goa in the honor of St Catherine, later on it was rebuilt to its present status.
Church of Our Lady of Rosary (1542-1549), Old Goa
This Church built in Manueline style on the holy hill,stands on the same spot where Afonso de Albuquerque while commanding the battle with Bijapur Sultan got the news of his victory over his adversary. In the church there are two chapels and three altars with the main altar dedicated to Our Lady of Rosary.
Church of St. Augustine, Old Goa
The Church of Our Lady of Grace popularly known as St. Augustine Church according to the travelers, was the largest church complex in Old Goa with seminary, convent, library, cloisters, dormitories, galleries and number of cells. Now only ruins can be seen at the site due to the collapse of the vault the facade and part of the bell tower.